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TAG Members: Automate Candidate Sourcing with IBM® Watson Orchestrate

It's time to put talent & diversity at the center of the recruiting experience

Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Ed has established a strategic partnership with IBM® & ThisWay® Global to provide members with a streamlined talent acquisition solution.

TAG members can now utilize an IBM Watson OrchestrateTM digital worker (digey) and ThisWay's platform to improve their workflow, increase organizational diversity, and instantly identify top candidates for every job.


Expand resource pool

Instant access to 169 million diverse candidates, sourced from ThisWay's network of over 8,500 diversity-based organizations.

Access candidates

Quickly surface qualified candidates for your open jobs based on your criteria.

Use fair recruitment practices

Reduce bias and increase organizational diversity.

Interested in learning more?

ThisWay Global is a strategic partner with:

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ThisWay Global

Founded by Angela Hood in University of Cambridge's ideaSpace, ThisWay® Global is a WBENC certified, VC-backed, Google accelerated HR tech industry leader that matches all people to all jobs instantly and without bias. Using proprietary automated intelligence, ThisWay’s network has performed over 15.5 trillion matching events, providing companies and governments with technology to reduce bias and increase diversity across all industries. ThisWay Global is headquartered in the booming tech hub of Austin, Texas, with offices in Silicon Valley and Boston.